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It is one thing for us to tell you about what we can do for your company but it is another to hear from others what we have done for their company. We do provide live references upon request.



Computer Construction Company has been optimizing my site for about a year now. I started at a 26% visibility and the site is now somewhere around 80%. My traffic has greatly increased in this past year which in turn has increased my profitability around 300%. Needless to say, Computer Construction Company offers a great ROI. This is the best marketing “bang for the buck ” to be found anywhere.

Lori O’Brien, President

Atlanta Special Events

To whom it may concern,

I would like to let you know that Computer Construction Company, Inc. has helped us reach the people searching on the Internet for our services and in turn it is generating business for our company Atlanta Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. Durenda Wood is very reliable and I feel that their price is very fair for the return. If you are considering search engine optimization services I would recommend Computer Construction Company, Inc because of their excellent service.

Rina Moosai, Owner

Atlanta Carpet & Air Duct


In the process of starting a new business, it is hard to know who to trust. People promise they can do so much for your business and give virtually nothing back to you for the money you spent. Computer Construction Company is one business you can believe in when they say web site optimization will increase revenue in your business. I, Alice Enix, owner of Alice In Water Land, Inc. have experienced the Computer Construction Company’s services of optimizing the company’s website for Internet traffic.

I had a company website for over a year and it did not generate one lead. I met Durenda Wood at the new member’s lunch at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. She explained exactly how her company could get targeted customers to my web site. So I agreed to have her put a shopping cart on my website and optimize it. I gave Computer Construction Company a deposit and they went to work. I started making revenue off the website in the exact time frame she promised which was 2 months.

Everything has happened exactly as she said it would. I have been her client for 6 months and I am so excited about how much success I have had on Internet sales. My accountant, of eight years, got Computer Construction Company’s information because of the numbers I took him. I highly recommend Durenda Wood and her company. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Update: In less than 2 years I know possess a database of 1200 clients.

Alice Enix, President

Alice in Water Land, Inc.


To whom it may concern,

We are happy we trusted Computer Construction Company to manage our website SEO plan. Their SEO program includes understanding our strategic objectives, matching keywords to our product/market sets, and supporting our metrics needs. After just a couple months, we are #1 on Google for dozens of terms in our local market. More importantly, visitor conversions are markedly up. Computer Construction Company makes our website marketing efforts really pay off.


Paul Johnson, VP sales & Marketing

The Adams Company – Your source for data storage & backup.

Durenda and I did some bartering of services, well Durenda says “she loves my work and she said she would make a point to make sure as many people as possible would find my website because she doesn’t want my talents hidden”. Thanks to Durenda Wood and Computer Construction Company, I’m getting new clients from all over the country!

Kate Marburger,

Evolution Graphics


Dear Durenda:

I just wanted to give you some feedback on our business exposure since we engaged your firm to increase our traffic thorough your methods of optimizing search engine(s) submissions.

We are pleased to inform you that our website traffic has increased by many many multiples. We have been introduced to new areas all over the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Kingdom of Jordon as well as Acre, Ghana.

This assignment has introduced us to cities here in the US, we had never heard of before, i.e. Evans City, PA, Warwick, RI, Viednais, MN, Chalfont, PA…to name a few. Our entire staff took notice of the added exposure you have afforded our business.

I look forward to meeting with you and/or your people to review this assignment and make strategic plans on our two companies’ future mutually beneficial business efforts.

Thanks in advance for your special attention to this project as well as your future superb efforts on our marketing efforts.

Sincerely yours

Therman McKenzie RPH, President & CEO

Privashave, Inc


I first listed my company on the business directory that Durenda invented just because I liked her. Before long I was having to pay over time to keep up with the work that was coming in. This was just with one listing!

Since then I have had Computer Construction Company completely redesign and optimize my website. I am now a walking talking billboard for Computer Construction Company. I think my website is absolutely beautiful and it gets the message across to potential clients because of Durenda’s many years in sales.

If you want to increase your profits with out having to do all of the work, I encourage you to at least list on the directory. For bigger bang for the buck get your website optimized and go for the gold.


Ann Lafavor, President

Lafavor Etc.

Durenda Wood has been a significant member of my team. I own a small construction company and have a very busy schedule. She also built and optimized my website which has increased my income by approximately 20%.

I have a tremendous amount of trust and respect for her due to her professionalism and calming attitude. Durenda has earned an A+ with my company.

Lon Cotton, owner

TLC Deck Repair


Dear Durenda:

We hired Computer Construction Company to increase our website traffic for the Southeastern United States. After only 1 week, we started to receive calls from potential customers who told us they specifically located our company on the web. In the past we had never generated any business from our website. The search engine optimization package that you offer has proven to be a superb and rewarding way to advertise and grow our business. Computer Construction made the process easy, and the pay back worthwhile.

We can testify that any one interested in expanding their exposure on the web or interested in expanding their Internet advertising should contact Computer Construction Company. It is the way to do it!

I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Computer Construction Company.

Thank you for the special attention you have given to our company.


Beverly A. Bondarew, President

MBR Office Solutions


To Whom It May Concern:

We hired Computer Construction Company to optimize Royal Floors web site for 20 search terms. Their process allowed us to show up for many more than 20 search terms, in fact a year later and we run visibility rating of 85% average. I know this because they provide me with a report each month so I do not have to wonder if my company is showing up on the Internet.

I have just started a new company called Elite Roofing and the first thing I did was call Computer Construction Company to build and optimize a new web site because they have proven to me the return I get with my marketing money is tremendous! If you are considering a search engine optimization firm you are at the right place.


Jacob Tarab Owner

Elite Roofing, Inc
A National Roofing Contracting Company

We hired Computer Construction Company Inc. to optimize our website to increase traffic to it for the northwest area of Houston Texas. We started receiving calls after 1 week although Durenda told us that it takes 2 weeks to 2 months to get indexed and rise to the top.

We now receive calls on a daily basis from our website. In fact, we get calls now from out of state. We never in the past generated any business from our website until now. This has been the most rewarding advertising we have ever invested in. We plan to continue using this type of marketing for our company instead of the online yellow pages where we might have received one call a month. If you are interested in Internet advertising Durenda will get the job done at a reasonable price.

Because of our reputation with existing clients there is a battle between them and our website on getting new customers. Thank you Durenda and Computer Construction Company!

With Best Regards,

Chuck, Owner

Cypress Glass and Mirror


We have been excited to see how Computer Construction Company has taken our web site from off the radar screen to one of the top sites for our travel company. We signed on in November (2006) to work with Computer Construction Company and Durenda Wood and within a month she had our web site optimized and has been monitoring and updating the web site to make sure we get the best results.

We have seen our incoming e-mails and calls increase in the last 2 weeks (2006) as a result of her efforts. Durenda has shown us that the seo service she offers does work and is well worth the investment we have made. We intend to continue with her on a monthly maintenance service once her initial contract commitment to us is done.

Lori Snow, CEO

Condor Outfitters


Website Design SEO Reviews | Testimonials of SEO Services & Website Design


Website Design SEO Reviews | Testimonials of SEO Services & Website Design

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